Nerds In Harmony

Co-ed a cappella in Bethesda, MD


 The Nerds In Harmony is a co-ed a cappella ensemble comprised of scientists from Bethesda, MD. The group can trace its origins back to 2004 when some postbaccalaureate fellows at the NIH started “IRTApella.” Later, the group was renamed to the Cytochromatics (a play on the cytochrome enzyme group and the chromatic scale). Finally, in 2010 we became the "Nerds In Harmony,” a name representative of our passion for science and music. The Nerds are composed of scientific trainees, fellows, and employees. We practice weekly, and perform on NIH campus and around Bethesda and DC.  


Andrew Oler - Tenor

Ariel Wang - Soprano

Brandon Levy - Bass 

Brian Ondov - Tenor 

Briana Meeks - Soprano 

Cara Pardon - Soprano

Eric Li - Baritone

Jacob Hilton - Bass 


Lucy Jia - Alto

Michael Hilzender - Bass

Michelle Kolberg - Soprano 

Nick Madian - Bass 

Nicole Doria-Rose - Alto 

Paul Doria-Rose - Tenor 

Rachel Evans - Soprano 

Sezen Meydan - Alto